Sunday, May 9, 2010

Planning for Trip

Starting today, I am going to be working on the actual trip planning needed for this massive trip. I like the idea of doing two lesser trips into one more major trip...and if I can get New York out of the way...that would be cool, as well. I ended up using this month travel money on various things that needed fixing and on some other stuff that I ended up with NOTHING in my travel fund at all!!! My inner travel person had a major fit but after a brief discussion with my husband...I think we'll be okay. I hope. I hope!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Still not doing much...

I am having the most difficult time getting back into routine. I am researching...*cough--not much--cough, cough*...but without making much headway. *sigh* I promise to try harder, tomorrow...always tomorrow.

I did make a firm decision about my trip in August...No planes, we're going to drive in order to have the maximum flexibility in doing what I am doing. I know that I run the risk of finding no vacant rooms, etc. because it will be August, the height of the vacation season. Yet, it is the only time that Richard can come with me, and it would be the same time period that the Astors were at Bar Harbor and Newport. If Richard runs out of time, I have decided that I'll let him drive home, then I'll rent a rental car and finish what I have to do, then fly home. Or take a bus, or a train...or whatever. But we have 25 days with a possibility of maybe, just maybe, a week more. Anddddd, I am going to do all the stuff that we had planned for the May trip as an added basically, head to Florida, then North Carolina, Washington, New York, Ferncliff, Newport and Bar Harbor. Some places will only need a day, others--??? who knows. So driving our own car will help keep us moving...or not.

Richard did manage to throw one sour note in all of this...but I just thought of a plus side to it. He said they are talking that because of the oil spill, that gas will possibly go up to five dollars or more a gallon. Yikes! Still, I am going. We might sleep in the kia, but we are going. The positive on that would be there would be less people traveling during that peak season, so less likely not to find an open room. This could work.