Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lost information...again

After two weeks of using Ideamason--a most excellent program, Adobe issued an update and ...Ideamason crashed, when ever I tried to open the Adobe pdf files. Ugh. It was working so well, and I liked all the features and how I could cross reference stuff, and ...oh well, perhaps it did me a favor. Ideamason has been abadononed by its maker and hence, no more versions or updates, ever. So three years from now, when all the info is in place, and I have yet another version of windows or a different computer..and a very old program that won't run on it--and all the information would be lost--not even able to be read by another program. So if I used a common program like Word or Wordperfect, even five years from now, my information can be accessed. Now, I'm back to the starting line...and I have to figure out how to save the information so that it is useful to me, when I am writing my books. Ugh! That is why I liked the IdeaMason so much, ...I didn't have to think too much about the structure of it, since the program did the hard work. Still, I expected problems like this. It always happens. My going through the papers another time should catch some that I missed. It will be okay in the end. I will finish this project, and I will finish my books. Even if it takes longer than I want it to. Part of me is glad. Glad that it will be longer

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